Dosage and Method of Administration

If not otherwise prescribed, Collatamp G is administrated as follows:1

Collatamp G can be cut to size to fit the area to be treated.
Up to 3 Collatamp G implants (10 x 10 cm) can be used, depending on the size of the area requiring haemostasis.

  • However, the patient’s body weight and the total amount of gentamicin should be taken into account.1

    In general, the number and size of the implants should be selected so that a total dose of 9 mg gentamicin sulphate per kg body weight is not exceeded.1 
  • A dry Collatamp G is placed on the area to be treated, which should be as dry as possible, and light pressure applied for about 3 minutes to achieve better adhesion.1
  • Gloves and instruments should be wetted to prevent Collatamp G from adhering to them.1

1. Instruction for use, Feb. 2016